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Get started with one single, hospitality industry software system for all your operational requirements. With a strong and proven global track record by serving the hospitality industry for over 20 years, the Maxxton Software system for bookings and business operations is the only one of its kind. Maxxton Software is offering stability, versatility, and scalability in data processing, while reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and creating (new) marketing opportunities for your organization. Working with Maxxton maximizes transparency and prepares your organization for growth.


Experienced and proven track record

Many companies in the hospitality industry rely on Maxxton to synchronize and simplify their digital processes and IT Management. By serving the hospitality industry for already over 20 years, Maxxton was able to build a large portfolio with best practices and became a reliant partner for bigger companies by managing 1.000.000+ reservations annually. The Maxxton software solution is the only one of its kind. It contains modules that incorporate all processes relating to specific reservations and accommodation types. Before, during and after a stay.


Efficiency and cost reduction

Companies operating in the hospitality industry achieve significant cost reductions by relying on Maxxton Software. Our all-in-one integrated system incorporate a wide variety of applications, which simplifies and optimizes your digital processes and makes them significantly more efficient. In conclusion, our software is compatible with all systems commonly used in the hospitality industry.



All of your business and customer data is stored in a central database, which guarantees easy and stable connectivity with other systems. In addition, Maxxton also facilitates connectivity with peripheral equipment and facility systems, for example door locks, barriers, turnstiles used to access swimming pools, televisions, hotel and restaurant cash registers and printers.


Customer satisfaction

Every company in the hospitality industry will devote itself to the highest degree of Customer Satisfaction. Maxxton succeeds together with these ambitious companies by providing a smart implementation of our reliable system which is easy to use, multilingual and based on secure hosting. By providing consultancy, training and support companies operating in the hospitality industry can rely on the given input and insights given by Maxxton.





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